Diabetes is a disease that is known to everyone, globally an estimated 422 million adults are living with Diabetes. As per a study developed and developing countries have more of Diabetes cases in recent years. Some common reasons are unhealthy lifestyle, less physical activity and intake of nutrient poor food.

Now the question is how to avoid Diabetes or how to take care of a family member effected with it. Some tips that people will share with you are stop eating anything sweet, start exercising, to take your medicine on time, start eating raw Karela or Neem. Medication and exercise can be taken care of, but eating raw karela or Neem and stop eating anything sweet is something that really hurts.

Recently attended a Diabetic Masterclass which was hosted by Britannia NutriChoice Essentials where renowned nutritionist Tushima Malshekhar explained the importance of food along with exercise and medication that will hellp fight Diabetes. According to her understanding “How much to eat” and “What to eat” plays an important role when it comes to diabetes.Eating something healthy in every 2-3 gap is necessary for a Diabetic but as we fail to find a healthy snacks and end up eating things which are not good for hearth. Here Britannia NutriChoice Choice Essential came with a solution, their range of healthy biscuits have Ragi,Oats and Almond which are delicious as well as healthy. 

 As this Masterclass was conducted at Hyatt Place Executive Chef Gaurav Paul demonstrated some Diabetic friendly recipes which were delicious and healthy. He explained how replacing few ingredients in a delicious dish can make it healthy. What we had was :

 Brushcheta with different Veggies

Smoked Chicken Salad with Quinoa

Tomato and Basil Gazpacho

Spinach Orzotto with Grilled Chicken

Mushroom Crepe

Tiramisu with Nitri Choice Essential Oat Cookie

All these dishes were excellent, everyone loved it. This Masterclass and things that I learned here regarding Diabetes helped me a lot. I have three members in my family who are diabetic and now I know how to help them fight against this disease.