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April 2017

Healthy And Tasty India Breakfast Now Possible With Quaker Nutri Foods. 

As we all know “Breakfast” the first meal of the day is very important, but how many of us take it seriously. We make a healthy diet plan from the 1st day of the week but it all gets ignored by the time we reach Thursday. The main reason behind is lack of options that are healthy and tasty at the same time, lack of time to make a healthy spread is another fact we can’t ignore.  At times we are dependent on Toast, Juice, Fruits, Corn Flakes, Oats or Some Boiled Vegetables. But the question is for how many days you can be dependent on these limited options, as a result we go back to our favorite food which is not so healthy.

It is true that in India we are confident about our traditional breakfast options like Poha, Upma, Dosa, Idli etc. For us they are healthy and we have accepted their taste. Oats is one very healthy option but just a few numbers of people have introduced it in their diet plan. What if I say now you can get the goodness of Oats with the familiar taste of Idli, Dosa, Upma and Khichdi? Surprising isn’t it?

Here Quaker comes to rescue with their Quaker Nutri Foods range that has set a benchmark for innovations in the ready-to-cook space. Dedicated to healthy mornings that Quaker represents, the launch of Quaker Nutri Foods offers a convenient way to a healthy breakfast with an unmatched 40-56% oats content.

Speaking about ‘Breakfast’ ,Chef Vikas Khanna, Celebrity Chef, Co-creator of Quaker Nutri Foods and PepsiCo’s Nutrition Ambassador, said,“Starting your mornings on a healthy note is critical. Very often, we skip breakfast due to our hectic mornings but I am a true believer in starting the day on a healthy note. My first meal of the day must be nutritious and yet flavorful.” Chef Vikas Khanna created his own version of Nutri Idli which was delicious, as it has oats it becomes more healthy at the same time.


Now what is special about Nutri Range:

1) Comes in flavours like Idli, Dosa, Upma and Khichdi which we are familiar with. 

2) High content of about 40-56% of Oats which makes it much healthier. 

3) Affordable pricing, comes I 15 and 45 INR which is pocket friendly. 

4) Fabulous taste is one most important reason. 

What more reasons you need to introduce this fantastic breakfast range in your diet plan? Just bring home the Nutri Series and get a healthy start.



Vichitra: An organic step towards being fashionable

As we all know fashion is an important part of our daily lives, be it clothing, accessories or home décor we love updating our stuffs according to the latest trends.We are very much concerned when it comes to skin care or hair care products. But have you ever been concerned about the fabric, the dye or the material being used to make your clothes or accessories?

Since we live a really busy life, Vichitra Weave and Vichitra Collection is offering a helping hand and it aims at bringing the best fabric for your skin. Made up with organic colors and natural fabric, they have a breathtakingly beautiful collection that is for all age groups. Vichitra has some really pretty colors and Indian handwoven fabrics that is curated especially keeping in mind the adverse environmental problems.


Vichitra have Hand-woven Silk Sarees, Chanderi Silk hand block printed sarees using vegetable colors and mud resists dyes Hand-block printed Un-Stitched Suits, Kurties stoles, dupattas etc.For all those beautiful ladies they have exotic fashion jewelry collection with Necklaces and bracelets’ made up of Beads, Pearls and Semi-Precious stones. Moreover, Vichitra has Marble Inlay, Brass Wear, Miniature Painting, Fashion and Stone Jewelry, Wood Carving and Wood Inlay, Bronze Casting, Original Jaipuri Quilts in Velvet and Cotton, Bedcovers etc.For men they have Shirts and Kurtas as well. Recently they have also come up with yoga pants. All of these items are not only for personal use, but they make really good gifting option.

Vichitra Collection and Weave aims at bringing ethnic and authentic and high quality hand crafted products within your range.  The entire collection depicts the year’s long authentic Indian textile culture and the products are brought straight from looms to your hands. The use of natural colors makes them more beautiful and skin friendly and above all, eco-friendly.

For booking your products from any corner of the world call them at– 96543024655 and get additional discounts. Happy Shopping!


Persian Cuisine at its best.

Nooshe Joon is one of my favourite place when it comes to Irani cuisine. I first tried their food at their Nehru Place outlet and was bowled over with the flavours and the simplicity of the food.”Nooshe Joon” which literally means “may your soul be nourished” is undoubtedly a place where you can have the best Iranian food. Recently ordered food from their Saket outlet, while searching for some delivery outlet nearby I found them and without any second thought ordered. The food was freshly prepared and the taste was unbeatable. I have previously tried their Jujeh Kebabs, Za’atar Chicken and Mezze Platter so this time I ordered meal combo. What I ordered was:
1⃣ Makhloot : This meal combo had Saffron Rice, Lamb Koobedeh and Jujeh Kebabs, Roasted Tomato and Chilli. One big and heavy meal it was. Lamb Koobedeh was my personal favourite in it.

2⃣ Chelo Kebab: The national dish of Iran is Chelo Kebab. 2 Lamb Koobedeh (or you can say lamb Seekh Kebabs, but tastes very different) served with Steamed Saffron rice. Needless to say the Kebabs were fantastic.

3⃣ Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi: Here in this dish Sabzi is referred to mix herbs mainly Dill and Parsley. Polo is a way of cooking just like the pilaf is cooked and Mahi is fish. A must dish for Iranian New Year celebration is a Pilaf cooked in Dill and Parsley with Fish. A must order dish if you like Fish. The Herbed rice was delicious.

4⃣ Sholey Zard: Sholey Zard or the Irani Kheer in simple language is very different from the normal kheer. Rice Pudding made of Basmati Rice cooked in Milk along with Saffron and Rose Water. The Kheer was topped with Rose Petal and Pistachio. A thick, rich and Creamy kheer to relish at the end of the meal.
The food came along with Dips (Tzatziki, Pesto Hummus, Garlic Mayo and Chipotle) and Pickled Vegetables (Cucumber, Carrot, Cauliflower). Packaging was perfectly done and delivered right on time. In a nutshell I had a fine experience. A strong recommendation goes for Nooshe Joon.

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