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May 2017

Masterclass by Chef Mirvaan and Chef Sadaf at Le Creuset

Person who loves to cook alwas innovate new recipes and are fond of buying different cookware. Beautiful new shiny cookware and new recipes are the finest gift for them. Few days back I was invited for a Masterclass at Le Creuset where some fine recipes were demonstrated by young Chef Sadaf and Chef Mirvaan. Gossip behind the scenes of Masterchef season 5 and lot of tips to improve day to day cooking were shared by them. 

I being a cooking enthusiast was awestruck as I entered Le Crueset store in Ambiance Mall Gurgaon. Such vibrant colours and shades is never seen in cookware range; red, indigo, purple, yellow an uncommon array of colours on the shelf. Le Creuset is an iconic French cookware brand that has a vast variety of range starting from stone iron, cast iron, bakeware, non-stick to give you the cooking experience that is class apart. 

Chef Mirvaan and Chef Sadaf executed four wonderful recipes which were Kathal Biriyani Burrito, Sesame Crusted Salmon with Pea Puree Black Rice and Salsa, Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto and a giant cardamom flavoured cookie. I loved the way they interacted with the audience and asked them to up for some hands on experience. We tasted all the dishes made by them and they were humble enough to make some more portions of the dishes we loved. 

A summer recipe from Masterclass I want to share with all is Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto:

⚪1/2kg Watermelon

⚪50gms Pine Nuts

⚪Mint Leaves, Basil and Lemon Juice

⚪100gms Feta, 50gms Blue Cheese and 2tbsp Fresh Cream.

⚪Olive Oil, Crushed Pepper and Micro Herbs


⚪Take out the round discs of melons.

⚪Blend Basil and Mint Leaves with Olive Oil and Pine Nuts to make Pesto. 

⚪Mix Feta and Fresh Cream together to make a smooth paste.

⚪Dice the blue cheese. ( You can add or remove blue cheese from the recipe as desired)

⚪Spread the Feta Cream on top of Watermelon disc and top it with Pesto and Blue Cheese. 

⚪Sprinkle some Pepper and serve immediately. 

A wonderful Masterclass was what I attended and witnessed superb dishes being made and presented in fine Le Creuset cookware. 

You can find Le Creuset stores at:

Delhi: DLF Promenade (Vasant Kunj) and Select City walk (Saket)

Gurugram: Ambiance Mall

Noida: DLF Mall Of Indi 

For more information and product details visit


Happy Parents Day

Few days back Mother’s Day was celebrated and all I saw was abundance of love and respect shown over social media as well as in personal to all the Mothers. Facebook and WhatsApp were overflowing with messages, people were praising God’s finest creation. “Mom you are the precious gift I ever got”, “Maa tu hi meri Pehchan hai” ,”Mommy you mean world to me” ….”Mommy you are the reason I have low self esteem” Opps! Sorry this was not a message. “Mom stop competing with me” ok this was also not said. So why do I hear such things from people around me? No mother can be like this. Or she can be? 

32yr old and mother if a 4yr old Suman says “My mother always point finger on my parenting. When my kid visits her she always tell her stories about how she single handedly raised me and was perfect in every aspect”. “She has raised the standard of parenting so high that seems impossible to achieve what she did” added Suman. Is that for real I wonder some time. If a MIL acts this way we can understand but what if your own mom becomes you biggest competitor. 

Raghavan a 28yr old software engineer says “I got married few months back and now I feel ashamed to face my wife. My father who is a businessman always compares his achievements with mine. I m happy with what I have, I m independent and can meet my requirements. But still he insults me, taunt me in front of my wife. Now I am moving out and it’s my wife’s idea. Thank God she is so understanding and supportive”. I don’t understand what’s the problem with our parents. It’s our life if we achieve something instead of praising us they start comparing their life with us. 

A friend of mine once told me her parents are so much busy with each other that they forgot me. My needs and demands were answered with money that too very limited. She was slapped by her mother couple of days before her engagement and the reason was she demanded a particular beautician for her engagement ceremony. Was this a right thing to do? 

Many have a happy childhood and they are blessed. But many face a challenging and disturbed childhood and that haunts them their entire life. We always teach our kids “Respect your elders” never give them a reason why to respect them. Just because they are elder we cannot obey to whatever they say. The environment our parents got when growing up is way different that what we got and our kids are going to grow in a different world, there is no scope of comparison. Parents must understand their Kid’s feeling and act accordingly. 
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Parent’s Day will be celebrated every year. Zillions of messages will be posted praising our parents, but unsaid pain and embarrassment will also be there.

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