I being a mom observed that you really cannot set an age target for a child to be potty trained. It is always the child who sets the pace for toilet training.

Here are five signs that you can look out for to know that your child is ready to be potty trained.

1.The wet diapers reduce

With my little one, I noticed that closer to when she was ready to be toilet trained, I was changing diapers fewer times in a day than before. Until the age of about 20 months, a child will pee so frequently that they probably do not even understand the concept of bladder control. When the diaper stays dry for an hour or two at a stretch, you know that your child is ready for potty training physically.

2. The bowel movements become predictable

You need to know when to bring the potty out for your child to use. You will observe a very obvious rhythm in the bowel movements. Some of them will poop right after eating, just after waking up or just before going to bed. Of course, children will poop multiple times a day but with a set rhythm and pattern. When they do this, you can train the child to ask for the potty when he wants to go.

To start with, you can make him sit on a potty chair so that he can learn all the basics of toilet training before actually having to use a toilet and then move him to toilet trainer seat to make him familiar with using a commode.

3.They show signs of wanting to poop

If your child is very vocal, he will announce that he is pooping, just like my daughter did. In other cases, they will show an obvious sign such as contracting muscles, making a grunting sign or just freezing and stopping what they are doing. This indicates that the child is also aware of the bodily functions that are occurring.

4. They would know simple ways of undressing

Now when you potty train your child, he or she should be able to pull their underpants down and rush to the potty. That, as trivial as it seems, is an important skill. If they are not aware of simple undressing, then, it is quite pointless to teach your child to head to a potty. Of course, initially, there will be several accidents where the child will soil their clothes. But, if you are careful and consistent they will learn sooner or later.

Transition your child from diapers to potty training underpants. Training underwear is great in the beginning because sometimes a little pee starts before the child realizes she has to go. Training pants absorb the pee so you don’t have to change the clothes and also helps the child know that he is wearing underwear, not a diaper, they are more comfortable and gives the child a sense of responsibility that he has to use the toilet and not pee in his clothes. In case, you fear accidents you can use waterproof diapers over his training pants.

5. The child is visibly uncomfortable in a dirty diaper

You will see that the child will try to squirm out of a soiled diaper or will yank at it to get it off. They are very averse to any personal mess that they make. You should take this as a sure sign to get your child potty trained.

However, in my opinion, each child is different, so it’s best to never compare the progress of two children. While one of them learns or becomes potty trained sooner, the other may take time.

This is not a physical development milestone. So, if your child waivers from the expected age to be potty training ready, it should not be any cause for concern. Just watch out for the signs above.

Once you realize your baby is ready for potty training, read our blog Toilet Training Tips for your Little One to get easy ways through which you can toilet train your baby!

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