A “Status” preference from Facebook which is much more than just preference. Many people select the status; some just for fun and some have a hidden chaos in them. In the world where values of relationship has just gone to drain it’s actually a bliss to see some happy couples. Well we don’t really know they are happy or pretending to be. #Relationship Goals #Couple Goals and many more social media things have taken over the feeling of having a real good companionship.

Now how to cope with this “Complicated” relationship is the real question. Here Extra Marital Relationship / The other person come to rescue. I know many of my readers will raise an eyebrow reading this. The “extra” thing is always a Taboo in the society. And why shouldn’t they raise an eyebrow? Marriage / Relationship is all about commitments, dedications, love, loyalty and much more. But do all couples get or give the same from or to their spouse / partner?

Let’s talk about Men and Women individually. I was watching a video couple of days back which shows an expert’s views about extra marital status. According to her when a woman cheats she is done with her previous relationship, while a man don’t mind juggling between a few relationships. Well at some extent it’s true; it’s my personal opinion a man thinks Sex, Money, Food and Sleep are the ingredients that will make them happy. So if Money, Food and Sleep is fine all they need is good sex. No matter from whom, spouse or someone else. Just sex and nothing else; no emotional attachments at all.

On the other hand a woman don’t put sex on the priority list. For her that other man has to be connected emotionally, mentally and finally physically. As I already said if the woman is looking out of her marriage / relationship that means she is done with the previous one.

So is introducing this other person in your life is good or bad? Sorry I am no one to decide. It’s said these relationships last for a short period of time but I have seen people together till death do them apart. The desire of having someone who can fill the void in you may get so strong that you end up being miserable. I believe if people search inside them for what is missing and what they actually want they can find a better solution. It’s not always sex or romance that is lacking, sometimes just a friend to whom you can talk without being judged is all you need. Don’t just jump into something and get yourself hurt. Yes getting a perfect partner is difficult and we do make mistakes but getting with just someone will not solve the purpose.

In the world filled with “no strings attached” “friends with benefits” “fuck buddies” and what not it’s near to impossible to find that soulmate with whom you can be happy. We have heartbreaks and still gather the courage to search again. That’s how life is and we live it.