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Give a boost to your kid’s immunity with Immuno Booster.

Few weeks back while shopping in Big Bazaar I came across this product Immuno Booster as my child was with me she insisted on buying it as she had tried this at kidzania . Obviously got it.

Now what is Immuno Boosters and how it works. It is a nutrient supplement that help kids with their immunity. Vitamins and Minerals that help kids to fight against Frequentl Cough & Cold, Stomach Infections. It also helps in growth and weight management of a child.
What to expect from Immuno Booster? Firstly you have to understand this is not a dietary supplement; if a child skip meals or have poor/ insufficient diet this is of no use and you will end up blaming the product. Also consuming 10 servings or using it for a month is not going to show as such results. You have to atleast use it for 3 months that too regularly.

How to Consume? Immuno Booster is an easy way to give essential vitamins to the child. As this is made in a chocolate bar form kids easily eat it, so the hassle of mixing with milk and running after your kid is not there. A pack contains 30 individually packed chocolates. One chocolate a day, never more than one. You can select from the age group 2-3, 4-6 and 7+ . Kids up to 10yrs can consume it. I bought for 4-6yrs which cost me 399rs.
So I must say give it a try, there is no harm in it.


Annabelle Comes Home To Scare; May Be

Much awaited movie for all the Annabelle fans. If you have been following the series I know you were waiting for this. The movie released on 26th June and doing well. The movie revolves around Judy Warren, her babysitter and her friend and babysitter’s boyfriend.

Judy Warren daughter of Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren can also see and feel dead people like her parents. Judy can’t fit in her school due to her parents unusual profession and left with only one friend that’s her babysitter Mary Ellen. On the other side Judy’s parents gets Anabelle home to lock it in the artifacts room of their home. A day before Judy’s birthday her parents leave for some work and leave Mary Ellen to take care of her.

The horror begin when babysitter’s friend invites herself to Judy’s place. Knowing her parents profession and the urge to connect with her dead father she unlocks Annabelle. Now Annabelle is free and she needs a soul.

First half of the story is slow and easy. Second half picks up pace. Second half is all about how these three fights through the scary night and locks the doll away. The babysitter’s boyfriend also gets involved accidentally while trying to impress her. Very unpredictable when it comes to scary scene; your instincts says now it ll happen you wait for it and nothing happens but just when you are not ready it hits you hard.

What I loved? Almost everything I am “The Fan”. What I disliked? The duration of the movie is almost 2hrs, I waited 1hr 45mts to get scared as hell. Everything happened so fast in the second half. Doll starts doing her evil business then boyfriend gets involved, they get ride of it and Judy celebrate her birthday. Wow! That was fast.

One time watch, not “Scare the Shit Out of You” types but at places done good. ⭐⭐⭐ From my end.

A Visit To National Science Center

As the longest vacation comes to an end I tried to utilise the most of the last couple of remaining days.

As my kid is now 5yrs old I took her to National Science Center which is near Pragati Maida. Best way to commute is cab/ own conveyance. However if you have direct metro connectivity then Mandi house and ITO are the nearest metro station. From there take an auto, 40-50 rs will be the expense.

Tkts are for 60 and there are different shows which you can choose from and pay accordingly. I chose 3D Dinosaur Show(25rs) and Taramandal Show (10rs and up to 10yrs) which my kid enjoyed.

The museum has Arts, General Physics, Science and many more interesting exhibits, learning while enjoying is the major motive there. They have a section dedicated to Dinosaur which is main attraction among toddlers. A section is dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel which is quite informative; kids who are keen to history will be delighted to visit here.

What to avoid: Cafeteria food is not very good. As far as hygiene is concerned flies may not accompany you but not very clean. Food quality is also not good. Stick to packed food like chips/ biscuits/ juice etc. Washrooms have different conditions on different floors so try to find the least crowded floor to find the clean washroom.

9:30 am to 6:00pm are the timings. I Advice to visit here as early to enjoy crowd free premises. Hope you will visit soon with your kids.

Mind the Malhotras: The Actual Ghar Ghar ki Kahani.

I was so looking forward to binge watch Mind The Malhotras and I did. The new Amazon Original that streamed on 7th June is a must watch, specially for couples. The story revolves around an urban couple and their day to day dealings with househelp, kids, in-laws, neighbors and the world. And ofcource a very special person to help them in their struggle.

So Mr and Mrs Malhotra face midlife crisis and are threatened by couples getting divorced around them. Here enters the special person “Their Therapist” to counsel them and try to help them get over their crisis.

The comedy series has 9 episodes (season 1) and every episode has a different story or should I say a different issue. The main characters Rishab Malhotra (Cyrus Sahukar) and Shefali Malhotra (Mini Mathur) narrate their life experience to the therapist Dr. Gulfam Rastogi (Denzil Smith). Here a topic is raised by their therapist and they give examples how they did their part in that situation.

The series is a fresh breeze to the regular saas- bahu or family drama series. It’s a remake of an Israeli series; “Family Values” formula is applied to it but keeping urban / modern challenges in mind the series covers the issues couple face nowadays. Twin Daughters who are bipolar in nature, a son who is weirdly sweet, competitive neighbors, the funny version of Sasu Maa and a house help who is Mr Malhotra’s bestie are the ingredients required for perfect family drama but with a humorous angle.

I won’t say the story is new or the gyaan given is nothing we are not aware of, but sometimes “The Gyaan” is lost in routine. No matter what a couple face in life they should not forget the reason they got together at the first place. Challenges will always be there and together they should face it as it’s “their” family.

I kind of liked it, hope you will too. Happy Watching.

From Miss Sweat-A-Lot to Miss Sunshine..

Summer is here and in next fews days temperature will soar up. Delhi will become an oven and stepping out will be a real issue. You may get lots of tips how to do makeup for the season but many won’t tell you that these tips don’t works when you sweat a lot. So I am one person who sweat like a pig, makeup is a real deal for me. When I leave home I look perfect but by the time I reach office or the venue everything had run down. So here I am sharing some products that I personally prefer, some tried and tested brands that never let me down.

1) To start with I either use Moisturiser or Sunscreen as the base product as it helps the foundation to spread evenly on face without the patchy look. For sunblock i prefer Nutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock as it is non oily and gives a Matt look, also you sweat 30% less if compared to other sunblock. When it comes to Moisturiser I swear by VLCC Lavang Moisturiser; water based and gets quickly absorbed in skin. As it is extremely light gives a feel of second skin.

2) As the base is done let’s move towards Foundation. Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse is one product I never change. The day I first tried it to till date I am a fan. Feather light, spreads on skin evenly and 16hrs stay. What else you need? The Mousse gives a very natural and perfect finish which doesn’t look made-up. Available in 3 shades which more or less covers all Indian skin tones.

3) I love to highlight my eyes; bold Kajal or maybe Smokey Eyes is my favourite look. However during summer I avoid black kajal and the reason is no matter how smudge proof it is or how long lasting it is due to sweat it smudges. On my skin even the 24hrs stay Kajal runs down in 8-10 hrs. So if you have the same problem avoid black. You can try colour like Turquoise, Blue or Green. Benefit of these colours is even if it gets smudged it doesn’t give you black eyes. I prefer Lakme Eyeconic Turquoise or Royal Blue for the season. And finish my eye make up with Lakme Absolute Eye Liner and Maybelline Collosal Volume Express Maskara which is waterproof and gives good volume to my lashes.

4) So finally before applying lipstick I seal the makeup with Lakme 9-5 Flawless Matt Complexion Compact. The compact does a fine job, however it did not live up to its 9-5 claim but works for good 4-5 hrs in a terrible sweat condition. It doesn’t gives a chalk feeling and blends very well leaving a smooth and radiant finish.

5) And finally the lips; currently I am fan of Maybelline Lipgradation. The fabulous product from Maybelline is must have, it has a smooth texture and gives a Matt look after application. Give it 7-10 sec time to set and it goes a long way. Doesn’t smudge and is long lasting giving your lips a bold sexy look.

And Miss Sweat-A-Lot is ready to step out… This everday basic make-up is what I prefer during summer. The final look is very natural and best part using these products I am very much satisfied. Summers are now a lot sorted for me.

Let me know if it help you too, also do share your favourite or tried and tested product details.

Mommies Day Out: A Day in Agra.

So me and my friend (both mommies) were just done with our day to day life and desparatly needed a break. So after a long discussion and planning we decided Agra is a perfect place for a day getaway. Also we can’t trust our better halves to manage more than a day without us.

So why Agra? The sole reason was it was near to Delhi. It was our first trip without family so we were more cautious than ever. Everything was packed and we were ready to leave. We hired a cab Delhi-Agra-Delhi. We could have taken train but the timings didn’t suit any of us also the comfort of a cab is always there.

We left Delhi at 0800hrs after sorting out everything at home. All instructions were given to the maids, kids and out beloved Husbands (they needs more instructions than anyone else). We left from Faridabad and took the Agra Express Way and it was definitely a good route chosen. We stopped at a small Dhabha for tea break and started again. Reached Agra by 1115hrs. So as decided the legendary Taj Mahal was our first stop. Our chauffeur parked his car to a nearby place he knew and saved the parking money (smart chap). From there we took E- Rickshaw and headed towards Taj Mahal.

1145hrs we were inside Taj Mahal. As soon as we entered a group of men almost cornered us; nothing to worry they were guides asking to hire them for the tour. Anyways as a pro we dodged them and reached the ticket counter. INR 40 was the cost of the tkt and had to buy shoe covers as going inside without shoe covers is prohibited. And finally Taj Mahal it was; yes very beautiful. An architectural excellence made ages back still standing tall. Yes it is an experience when you see Taj Mahal. Took lots of pictures of the white beauty from outside and clicking inside the tomb is not allowed. It took more than 2hrs to take a complete round of the Taj Mahal and believe me in this scorching heat we were very much exhausted. Left Taj Mahal at 1430hrs.

We headed straight to a place called Thaliwala for our Lunch. A vegetarian restaurant with a gigantic Thali as there speciality. Without thinking much we ordered their special thali. 19 dishes were part of this thali. 7 gravies, 4 desserts, two types of Bread, Rice, Soup and Butter Milk. It can be easily shared among 3 pax. The quality and quantity was very good. Pocket Pinch was INR 700 for the thali.

Headed straight towards Agra Fort after our lunch. Build in 1573 the fort is spread over 94acre. You can see a lot of Bengal and Gujrat craftsmanship in the architecture of the fort. Almost 2hrs to cover the place. Beautiful architecture, the feel of Royalty and loads of walking is the part of Fort Visit. Now totally exhausted and drainage out we decided to checkout the famous Street Food in Agra. Next stop Chaat Gali in Sadar Bazar.

If you love Street Food this is the place you must visit. From the starting to the end it’s a drooling walk. Not very big but enough to satisfy your cravings. We tried Golgappey at a stall ; Golgappey were served with 5 types of Pani. For a Delhite it’s a dream come true. Then we tried Katori Chaat and it was lip smacking. We continued our hogging journey and next was Faluda Kulfi which was too good. Quantity and quality both justified the price we paid. We wanted to visit Sheros Cafe which is ran by acid victims, but time bounded us.

Finally the trip came to an end. Cab ready to take us back again. Two women totally drained out but happy as they had an excellent day out. So this is how we did our “A Day Trip to Agra”. I hope this may help you plan your day out.

How to travel Hassle free with your toddler.

I love traveling and exploring new places, one of my favourite stress buster is traveling. But since my kid happend traveling has become ones in a blue moon affair. But last year as my kid turned 4 I decided to do some traveling no matter what consequences I face. Yes the very first step was hard but a bit of research and observations helped me a lot. And by the time I am writing this article I have done 4 short but successful trips. Sharing some of my tips or hacks which will make your travel with your toddler easy.

👶 Travelling at Night: Wether you are traveling by car, bus or train try to oppt for night travel, specially if the distance is short. The kids tend to sleep by the time you start the actual journey, so it’s easy and peaceful for both parents and the kid.

👶 Appropriate Clothing: Always make them wear comfortable clothes. A bit loose and soft comfortable clothes will help them relax even while traveling.

👶 Feeding the Kid: Never fill them up; if the child doesn’t eat properly during the travel it’s nothing to worry. My kid never eats well during traveling she has motion sickness, I never force her. As soon as they settle down to the environment they start with their regular eating habits. Yes one must carry snacks that’s your kids favourite that helps a lot. Always feed them something light and easy to digest.

👶Toys: Always buy a new toy for the kid while traveling it will keep them engaged. However these days parents give iPad or Smart Phones to their kids to keep them engaged but I have observed with my kid watching anything in motion while traveling make her more nauseous.

👶 Medicines: Always keep First Aid and basic medicine (cough& cold, loose motion, vomiting and fever) handy. Always carry basic medicines prescribed by your pediatric as you never know when you need it.

👶 Packing: Carry extra clothes every time you step out. If going out for 3 days carry 6 pair of clothes; toddlers tend to get dirty now and then. Do carry extra diapper even if your kid is potty trained. I make my kid wear diaper while traveling as they all of a sudden get the urge to pee or poop and it’s not always you get a clean and hygienic washroom. Hand sanitizer and Wet Tissues are a saviour during travels.

👶 And finally if your kid has the issue of motion sickness then do give them the medicine prescribed half an hour prior to your journey and repeat it as instructed.

So here are some tips I follow when traveling with my kid, hope it will help you in your next travel plan. Do let me know any special tips you try to make traveling with kids easy.

Ode To Odisha

The Fashion Design Council of India presented ‘Odisha Handloom Fashion Show’, woven around the ingenious textiles from Odisha, on Saturday, at the India Gate Lawns in the capital.

The mega event was a part of the on-going Second Edition of the Odisha Parba. Designers Divya Sheth, Shruti Sancheti and Raas revived the magic of weaves through an unforgettable narrative with their modern take on the superlative crafts of Odisha.

Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship was the Guest of Honour. Hon’ble MP Shri Manoj Tiwari and Hon’ble MP Baijayant Panda were also present along with other distinguished guests at this event.

Sunil Sethi, President FDCI commented, “In my entire career, I have never seen a fashion show that has over 5000 attendees. It is a record of sorts! The crafts of Odisha tell tales of the state that has some of the most intricate weaves like silk ikkat using the age-old Bandha technique to the memorable Bomkai saris. It offers a diverse set of woven wonders that have been curated painstakingly on handlooms. This fashion presentation is a tribute to the beauty of Odisha and Made in India.”

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