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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor inaugurates the 1st Wonderchef brand outlet in North India. 

Nowadays cooking is not just about the taste; other components like presentation, health quotient etc also matters a lot. When it comes to presenting a dish we do a lot of hard work to search for the appropriate Crockery, to keep up with the trend we go a long way. But when it comes to Cookware, the majority goes with the black and grey non stick from any brand. Why do we choose non stick? The most obvious reason that people give is that it consumes very less oil and food doesn’t always stick to the bottom of the pan. Now are these non sticks really that good or are they that durable. It’s my personal experience that even after using it cautiously after 6 months or so the coating starts to wear out and then it stars going inside our body with the food we prepare. So do we have any solution; Anything that is durable, consumes less oil and looks good also?

Here Wonderchef comes with a solution. Wonderchef is now a well known brand, a brand that is loved because of its innovative and healthy cookware & appliances. And when Celebrity Chef Sanjeev assures the same we find more confidence in the brand. Wonderchef products are available online on various E- Commerce portals including their own websites. But people love to buy things after sizing it up. We love hopping from store to store looking for brands that meets our criteria. Good news for Wonderchef fans as the brand launches it’s 1st store in North India, the store is located in Galleria Market in Gurugram. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor launches the outlet amidst a huge gathering and a Cooking Competition. 

The outlet is a compact solution to all kitchen needs. Not only cookware but appliances are also seen here. Mr Ravi Saxena MD of Wonderchef demonstrated some of the appliances including Bread Maker, Air Fryer and Cold press Juicer. Innovation and Quality are the key factors behind Wonderchef’s popularity. Their products like Nutri Blender and Cookware set are the hottest selling items. The brand not only provides cooking solution but adds a splash of style to its every product. 

Wonderchef Outlet has almost everything that is required to setup a mordern kitchen. As it’s the festive season these products make a wonderful gifting option, a gift that is useful. They are planning to launch another outlet which will be in Noida in DLF Mall Of India. Do visit their outlet to get the finest experience. Happy Shopping!


The Calorie Kitchen , The Gym Cafe

Nowadays people are too conscious about their health, starting from gym to diet food to yoga people do almost everything to get a fit and healthy body. As experts say diet plays an important role in the fittness regime it is important to make healthy and balanced diet part of our everyday routine. It’s our conception that healthy food are never tasty and that’s why we make cheat days to indulge into out favourites. Also time plays tricks and we choose the quickest way to fill ourselves as a result the health quotient is left far behind.
A fittness friend friend of mine discovered this place in Goodearth City Centre. The calorie kitchen has a kiosk on the ground floor of the mall where mainly shakes and smoothies are served. The cafe is on the 2nd floor which actually is a Bomiso gym and spa with a cafe at the rear end. The kiosk and the cafe have the same menu and if asked for something else than shakes it’s freshly prepared at the kitchen upstairs and you can have a takeaway from the kiosk.
So instead of getting a takeaway we decided to dine in. The cafe can accommodate 12-15 pax at a time and also have a lovely balcony which can be a boon during winters. As I said we always have a conception of healthy is never tasty so my expectations were least from the place. What we ordered was Iron Man Juice and Blueberry Delight Smoothie. I am not a Shake or Smoothie person so Iron Man was my choice, it’s a simple medley of Apple, Beetroot, Carrot and Mint which was refreshing as well as healthy. Next I ordered was Calorie Kitchen Salad which had Cucumber, Tomato, Broccoli, Baby Corns, Carrots, Walnut, Olives, Chicken and Mix Greens tossed in Calorie Kitchen Special Yogurt base sauce served with Wheat Bread. The portion was very good, the salad tasted delicious and was quite filling. Next was Chicken Arrabita Mix Sandwich this was absolutely wonderful, served with Sweet Potato and Salad this is one good health Sandwich I had. To end our meal we had a serving of BlueBerry Yogurt good but a bit on sweeter side for my pallet.

Had least expectations from the place and it turned out to be amazing. In a nutshell it’s a healthy place altogether, you can workout in the gym and have diet food as an added advantage. The menu is designed by the gym instructors here also a discount of 10% is given to the gym members. So Gurugram health conscious people do give it a try.

5 Things I Tried This Week…

Being a Homemaker shopping for groceries is mostly done by me, actually the entire “Shopping” department is under me. I am responsible for bringing every thing to my home. Now while shopping I come across many new brands and products in day to day life. Ranging from food, cosmetic, wardrobe etc I love trying new things. But yes before buying anything I do a bit of probing with the sales person.And on my blog I am sharing my experience with the products.

So here are the 5 Products I tried this week:

1) Nutralite Spread

Nutralite is a well know brand for making Table Spread, now the brand has introduced two new flavoured spread. Pudina and Garlic & Oregano. With all the qualities Nutralite Spread these flavours are a fresh take towards spread. So the Garlic & Oregano is a perfect product for people who love to give their bread an Italian twist, I even made Alfredo sauce using the same and it came out fantastic. Earlier Amul Butter has also introduced garlic flavour but I think Nutralite has done it much better. Now coming to the Pudina spread, it’s more like Pudina chutney but flavours are missing. People who love sour and spicy Pudina chutney on their bread will be disappointed. For me Pudina is a big no. Both the variants are available in 100gms as well as tub packaging. 

2) Wingreens Farm Jalapeño & Cheese Dip

I simply loved it. Samplings were going on for the product and totally fall in love with this particular variant. Wingreens Farm says in handmade which i am not sure but they have nailed it with the flavours part. There are other variants like Hummus, PiriPiri Hummus, Basil Pesto, Babaghanoush, Garlic Aioli and some more. Currently available at Reliance and Big Bazar, a tub of 150gms costs around 250rs. Yes a bit steep but again something which is not available easily. 

3) Baby Dove Range

All these years Johnson’s has ruled the baby care market, no competitor and ofcource they are known for quality products. Mothers blindly follow the Johnson’s routine from the 1st day the child is born. Now Dove has launched its baby range which has all the products that Johnson’s have. I have tried their Head To Toe Wash and Bathing Bar and I am very much satisfied with it. Special mentions to the Head To Toe Wash as in comparison to Johnson’s it moisturiser the skin and leaves it soft and smooth. I was using  Johnson’s Head to Toe but it leaves the skin a bit dry but Dove as promised gives a velvet smooth skin. The soap is also good and comes in two variants sensitive moisture and rich moisture. Also they have diaper rash cream which can be used for infants. 
4) Derma Klay Tan Bann Pack

Tanning is one major issue faced by Indian Skin specially during summers. Sunscreen, umbrella etc are not that effective and don’t give 100% protection. Anti Tan facial are available but they too don’t last also you can’t do facial everyday. Here Derma Klay Tan Bann Pack come to rescue, the pack remove pigmentation caused by sun exposure while neutralising the sun damage. It also lightens overall completion and improves skinn tone. It’s best to use it after a gentle scrubbing, apply over face and neck and allow it to dry completely. Rinse with normal water and see the difference, It actually reduces tanning. A 100gms pack is available at 645rs and can be used upto 12-15 times. 
5) Nail Art Tattoos

Nail Art is the hottest trend followed by many, but getting a perfect nail art is a huge deal. Yes there are nail bars for the same but spending 1000-2000rs every time surely pinches the pocket. Now there are different accessories for DIY nail art but again it’s a task. So what I found as a solution is the nail art stickers, these are easy to apply and are very light weight. It almost feels like a painted art. Just paint your nails in your favourite shade peel of a design and lay it carefully on a nail then press it a bit and apply top coat on it that’s it your are party ready. The nail art is now available in cosmetic stored and costs 100-150 and can do art 15-20 times. Economic, Easy and stylish what more you need. 
And here are my discoveries of the week. Do let me know what are your experiences and what all you explored. 

Perfect Celebration at KidZania

It is that ​time of the year, celebrating with your sibling and best-friend, and expressing that “you care”. KidZania

​ Delhi NCR​is back this friendship and Rakshaba week with a fun and amazing activity called “Stack Attack” and “Message Tree”

Participate with your best friends and siblings in this competition starting 1st of August till 7th of August,at the main square of KidZania Delhi.


 you have to do is, remove the cards one by one in such a way that the cups get stacked. The team who stacks the maximum number of cups in one minute, will be the winner of this game. Make your week much more interesting by writing note to your bestie and siblings also we will give lifetime memory by capture your special moment. 

Details of the event:

What ​Stack Attack competition and Message Tree – Friendship’s Day and Raksha Bandhan Week

Where: Near TGIP Mall, Gate no. 11, A-2, Entertainment City,Sec38ANoida, India 201301

When: 1st – 7th August, 2017 between 10AM – 9 PM. 

Cost: Kids: Rs. 95​0/- onwards

     Adults: Rs. 500/- onwards


So head over with your BFF and Siblings to​ KidZania and win amazing and make memorable day

A Plush European Dining Experience at ATM Bistro.

ATM Bistro is one among the finest place I have been in Delhi. ATM Bistro is a hidden gem in Sundar Nagar Market, earlier it was restricted to a members only place but it has open its door for general public too. The address says Main Sundar Nagar Market but the entrance is from the back side of the market. As we entered the place a dim lit stairs took us to a beautiful and plush restaurant. A particular section is open for the general public to experience the finest European cuisine in vicinity.

The restaurant has a classic European décor, with beautiful wood and metal work across the place it gives you the feel of the Victorian era. An amazing collection of Wine can be seen placed in an overhead arch shaped racks, the place is beautifully decorated with antiques and paintings.

Now moving to the food and beverage, Wine is a must order here. I ordered Dufftown Sunset Sangria, red wine Infused with red apple and Jamun was just perfect. Food that was ordered was:

🍴 Smoked Chorizo and Pork Belly Bao: This one is for people who love pork. Spicy and delicious, the Bao balanced the spicy filling inside.

🍴 Grilled Prawns with Pineapple and Chilli Bao : A mild preparation of Prawns with Pineapple and Chilli. Nothing was overpowering, every element in the Bao was complementing one another.

🍴 Chicken Spanakopita with Truffle Tomatoes and Pea Purée : The Greek savoury pastry here is served with a class. Crisp layered Pastry filled with Chicken and Cheese is a masterpiece on a plate. This delectable dish is a must order from their menu.

🍴 Confit Leg of Chicken with Pepper Jus, Steamed Snow Peas and Potato Crisp: Chicken leg slow cooked in its own fat, the chicken was succulent and with Pepper Sauce it was one gratifying dish in their menu.

🍴 We ended our meal with Banoffee Pie which could have been given an attractive look but the taste was ambrosial.

It was a luncheon to remember, the experience you have here is exceptionally. The courteous staff, fabulous ambiance and definitely delectable food makes the place perfect for special occasions. Definitely going back again.

5 Signs that shows your kid is ready for potty training.

I being a mom observed that you really cannot set an age target for a child to be potty trained. It is always the child who sets the pace for toilet training.

Here are five signs that you can look out for to know that your child is ready to be potty trained.

1.The wet diapers reduce

With my little one, I noticed that closer to when she was ready to be toilet trained, I was changing diapers fewer times in a day than before. Until the age of about 20 months, a child will pee so frequently that they probably do not even understand the concept of bladder control. When the diaper stays dry for an hour or two at a stretch, you know that your child is ready for potty training physically.

2. The bowel movements become predictable

You need to know when to bring the potty out for your child to use. You will observe a very obvious rhythm in the bowel movements. Some of them will poop right after eating, just after waking up or just before going to bed. Of course, children will poop multiple times a day but with a set rhythm and pattern. When they do this, you can train the child to ask for the potty when he wants to go.

To start with, you can make him sit on a potty chair so that he can learn all the basics of toilet training before actually having to use a toilet and then move him to toilet trainer seat to make him familiar with using a commode.

3.They show signs of wanting to poop

If your child is very vocal, he will announce that he is pooping, just like my daughter did. In other cases, they will show an obvious sign such as contracting muscles, making a grunting sign or just freezing and stopping what they are doing. This indicates that the child is also aware of the bodily functions that are occurring.

4. They would know simple ways of undressing

Now when you potty train your child, he or she should be able to pull their underpants down and rush to the potty. That, as trivial as it seems, is an important skill. If they are not aware of simple undressing, then, it is quite pointless to teach your child to head to a potty. Of course, initially, there will be several accidents where the child will soil their clothes. But, if you are careful and consistent they will learn sooner or later.

Transition your child from diapers to potty training underpants. Training underwear is great in the beginning because sometimes a little pee starts before the child realizes she has to go. Training pants absorb the pee so you don’t have to change the clothes and also helps the child know that he is wearing underwear, not a diaper, they are more comfortable and gives the child a sense of responsibility that he has to use the toilet and not pee in his clothes. In case, you fear accidents you can use waterproof diapers over his training pants.

5. The child is visibly uncomfortable in a dirty diaper

You will see that the child will try to squirm out of a soiled diaper or will yank at it to get it off. They are very averse to any personal mess that they make. You should take this as a sure sign to get your child potty trained.

However, in my opinion, each child is different, so it’s best to never compare the progress of two children. While one of them learns or becomes potty trained sooner, the other may take time.

This is not a physical development milestone. So, if your child waivers from the expected age to be potty training ready, it should not be any cause for concern. Just watch out for the signs above.

Once you realize your baby is ready for potty training, read our blog Toilet Training Tips for your Little One to get easy ways through which you can toilet train your baby!

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Masterclass by Chef Mirvaan and Chef Sadaf at Le Creuset

Person who loves to cook alwas innovate new recipes and are fond of buying different cookware. Beautiful new shiny cookware and new recipes are the finest gift for them. Few days back I was invited for a Masterclass at Le Creuset where some fine recipes were demonstrated by young Chef Sadaf and Chef Mirvaan. Gossip behind the scenes of Masterchef season 5 and lot of tips to improve day to day cooking were shared by them. 

I being a cooking enthusiast was awestruck as I entered Le Crueset store in Ambiance Mall Gurgaon. Such vibrant colours and shades is never seen in cookware range; red, indigo, purple, yellow an uncommon array of colours on the shelf. Le Creuset is an iconic French cookware brand that has a vast variety of range starting from stone iron, cast iron, bakeware, non-stick to give you the cooking experience that is class apart. 

Chef Mirvaan and Chef Sadaf executed four wonderful recipes which were Kathal Biriyani Burrito, Sesame Crusted Salmon with Pea Puree Black Rice and Salsa, Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto and a giant cardamom flavoured cookie. I loved the way they interacted with the audience and asked them to up for some hands on experience. We tasted all the dishes made by them and they were humble enough to make some more portions of the dishes we loved. 

A summer recipe from Masterclass I want to share with all is Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto:

⚪1/2kg Watermelon

⚪50gms Pine Nuts

⚪Mint Leaves, Basil and Lemon Juice

⚪100gms Feta, 50gms Blue Cheese and 2tbsp Fresh Cream.

⚪Olive Oil, Crushed Pepper and Micro Herbs


⚪Take out the round discs of melons.

⚪Blend Basil and Mint Leaves with Olive Oil and Pine Nuts to make Pesto. 

⚪Mix Feta and Fresh Cream together to make a smooth paste.

⚪Dice the blue cheese. ( You can add or remove blue cheese from the recipe as desired)

⚪Spread the Feta Cream on top of Watermelon disc and top it with Pesto and Blue Cheese. 

⚪Sprinkle some Pepper and serve immediately. 

A wonderful Masterclass was what I attended and witnessed superb dishes being made and presented in fine Le Creuset cookware. 

You can find Le Creuset stores at:

Delhi: DLF Promenade (Vasant Kunj) and Select City walk (Saket)

Gurugram: Ambiance Mall

Noida: DLF Mall Of Indi 

For more information and product details visit

Happy Parents Day

Few days back Mother’s Day was celebrated and all I saw was abundance of love and respect shown over social media as well as in personal to all the Mothers. Facebook and WhatsApp were overflowing with messages, people were praising God’s finest creation. “Mom you are the precious gift I ever got”, “Maa tu hi meri Pehchan hai” ,”Mommy you mean world to me” ….”Mommy you are the reason I have low self esteem” Opps! Sorry this was not a message. “Mom stop competing with me” ok this was also not said. So why do I hear such things from people around me? No mother can be like this. Or she can be? 

32yr old and mother if a 4yr old Suman says “My mother always point finger on my parenting. When my kid visits her she always tell her stories about how she single handedly raised me and was perfect in every aspect”. “She has raised the standard of parenting so high that seems impossible to achieve what she did” added Suman. Is that for real I wonder some time. If a MIL acts this way we can understand but what if your own mom becomes you biggest competitor. 

Raghavan a 28yr old software engineer says “I got married few months back and now I feel ashamed to face my wife. My father who is a businessman always compares his achievements with mine. I m happy with what I have, I m independent and can meet my requirements. But still he insults me, taunt me in front of my wife. Now I am moving out and it’s my wife’s idea. Thank God she is so understanding and supportive”. I don’t understand what’s the problem with our parents. It’s our life if we achieve something instead of praising us they start comparing their life with us. 

A friend of mine once told me her parents are so much busy with each other that they forgot me. My needs and demands were answered with money that too very limited. She was slapped by her mother couple of days before her engagement and the reason was she demanded a particular beautician for her engagement ceremony. Was this a right thing to do? 

Many have a happy childhood and they are blessed. But many face a challenging and disturbed childhood and that haunts them their entire life. We always teach our kids “Respect your elders” never give them a reason why to respect them. Just because they are elder we cannot obey to whatever they say. The environment our parents got when growing up is way different that what we got and our kids are going to grow in a different world, there is no scope of comparison. Parents must understand their Kid’s feeling and act accordingly. 
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Parent’s Day will be celebrated every year. Zillions of messages will be posted praising our parents, but unsaid pain and embarrassment will also be there. 

Healthy And Tasty India Breakfast Now Possible With Quaker Nutri Foods. 

As we all know “Breakfast” the first meal of the day is very important, but how many of us take it seriously. We make a healthy diet plan from the 1st day of the week but it all gets ignored by the time we reach Thursday. The main reason behind is lack of options that are healthy and tasty at the same time, lack of time to make a healthy spread is another fact we can’t ignore.  At times we are dependent on Toast, Juice, Fruits, Corn Flakes, Oats or Some Boiled Vegetables. But the question is for how many days you can be dependent on these limited options, as a result we go back to our favorite food which is not so healthy.

It is true that in India we are confident about our traditional breakfast options like Poha, Upma, Dosa, Idli etc. For us they are healthy and we have accepted their taste. Oats is one very healthy option but just a few numbers of people have introduced it in their diet plan. What if I say now you can get the goodness of Oats with the familiar taste of Idli, Dosa, Upma and Khichdi? Surprising isn’t it?

Here Quaker comes to rescue with their Quaker Nutri Foods range that has set a benchmark for innovations in the ready-to-cook space. Dedicated to healthy mornings that Quaker represents, the launch of Quaker Nutri Foods offers a convenient way to a healthy breakfast with an unmatched 40-56% oats content.

Speaking about ‘Breakfast’ ,Chef Vikas Khanna, Celebrity Chef, Co-creator of Quaker Nutri Foods and PepsiCo’s Nutrition Ambassador, said,“Starting your mornings on a healthy note is critical. Very often, we skip breakfast due to our hectic mornings but I am a true believer in starting the day on a healthy note. My first meal of the day must be nutritious and yet flavorful.” Chef Vikas Khanna created his own version of Nutri Idli which was delicious, as it has oats it becomes more healthy at the same time.


Now what is special about Nutri Range:

1) Comes in flavours like Idli, Dosa, Upma and Khichdi which we are familiar with. 

2) High content of about 40-56% of Oats which makes it much healthier. 

3) Affordable pricing, comes I 15 and 45 INR which is pocket friendly. 

4) Fabulous taste is one most important reason. 

What more reasons you need to introduce this fantastic breakfast range in your diet plan? Just bring home the Nutri Series and get a healthy start.

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